Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Origami Shirt

So, I've been wondering what to give a certain friend for Christmas. And i had alot of ideas i guess, but one day i thought of an origami shirt! So here it is, and yes, i know the instructions are going to be a bit hard to follow. But First i recommend finding a origami crane how-to, like this fun 3-D version.
1. First I got a small mens hanes white tshirt, really cheap, and fit good usually. I wanted a scoop neck, so i took my favorite scoop neck, and drew a line on the white tee. Then made a cut!

2. I stitched around the neck in pine green thread, to keep it from stretching weird. You don't have to though, if you like that sort of thing.

3. Now i cut 6 squares of cotton in white and peach. (the white has a pattern on it, but you can't see it because of low budget photos...)
And i stitched around the edges so that they don't fray terribly, then iron good. You re going to need the iron alot today.

4. Look up instructions for the origami piece you want to do. And practice in once on a square, iron after each fold. If you've got it, and it looks cool then take a break and get a snack.
5. After the snack start making your pieces. Pick out 6 steps that you think would look cool (eg, step one, fold three or something) .
6. Start folding! It helps if you fold all at the same time, or you can just do one. I kept forgetting the steps soo.. Most importantly, iron very well after each fold you make, so that it stays good and creased like paper. If you want you can use starch or something.

7. To make it more permanent sew some creases in an invisible way. This is piece #2, I sewed it on the inside of a fold so that it stays close but is now a closed seam. Yes, just play around with it. I don't know how to explain it better.

8. Here's the actual crane, i actually sewed down pieces that you can't see. That way the bird won't fall apart, which is highly probable, considering its cloth and not paper!

9. this is a stitch down the middle of the tail (or head?) to keep things intack't. Also stitch the head folded, so he actually stays that way, you can do it by hand if you don't want it to be noticeable.

more pieces

10. This one i just sewed along the creases, it looks pretty neat, and keeps it down! Continue doing this on all the pieces necessary. Take another break if needed.

11. Start to sew the pieces onto your shirt. I sewed along creases and on the edges. Be aware that when you stitch onto a tshirt it doesn't stretch so good. So be modest in the stitching, in case you need that area to be extra stretchy. Be creative with placement or whatever.

then Tah dah! Your done! The crane is thick, so stitch it on by hand, this also makes it look more like its floating on the persons collarbone.
It was fun, i want one for myself now though.
I hope this helps a little bit, be creative with it though.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Perfect

What I want for christmas:

The worst case scenario life book, Because I may not get attacked by a shark, or fall into a pit in africa, but i might get stuck in Pandmasana pose, or get hay fever.

This Birds of paradise wood print.

this gorgeous victoria pin clock, i'm done with wrist watches, i'm always dipping them in paint or snagging them on my skirts or something. This is so much more convienent and a pound prettier.

And this pet octopus necklace.

All these goodies and more are found at www.modcloth.com

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just have to congratulate my little brother for his exploration into mood lighting. One day we got a package, which came with a rather large piece of butcher paper, my brother took the piece, made some cuts, and taped it to the ceiling light. There we have it, effective modern art from a 14 year old.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lela Rose

I thought today I would share some designs of my favorite Fashion designer--Lela Rose. I love Lela Rose's fresh colors, crisp cloth and clean cuts. I just want to wear everything she makes, including these from spring ready-to-wear 2009.
Yellow and grey, quality combinations
every thing about this outfit is nice

and i love this skirt/jacket combo
pictures from www.style.com

Monday, December 1, 2008

Into the Snow

Christmas is finally here, and I can't get enough of it.

Today we got out our Christmas calendar, which is my favorite decoration. Its this calendar my mom made out of an old coca-cola crate years ago, (like when they actually sold coca-cola in glass bottles and wooden crates long ago.), and some tinfoil ribbons and random mini Christmas figures. Every day we get to open a new present until finally its Christmas! Pretty much the most exciting thing ever for me as a child. It was fun listening to christmas music on pandora and wrap these little presents. When I get married I will for sure make one of my own.