Saturday, March 26, 2011

day 17

tinfoil vultures are a plague in our frontroom.

Day 16

Day 15

So I forgot till after I went to bed. I lay there exhausted but not able to sleep. Then I remembered I forgot a bird project! So I stumbled around for a permanent marker and made a temporary tattoo in the light of the hallway. I took a picture the next morning... and got a lot of questions.

day 14

what can I say. Valentines is busy times.

Day 13

A sonnet:

In the desert Israel's children hungered
Lord's mercy gave the way for all to feed
with bright morn their love they showed uncensored
For the Lord's marvelous and blessed deed

Manna's sweet dew from earth gave sustained life
Each bite gave health and good delicate taste
For each man to gather bread without strife
With earths bounty there was no need to waste

When the manna's taste was bitter to break
The Lord sent quail to fill in its place
Israel gorged their lust for meat to partake
A great plague came to bury their disgrace

And if thou need to have what thou must
Beware the beguiling graves of lust.

Day 12

Sunday, March 20, 2011

really though

I really have done the rest of the birds.

But, the daylight hours are few when I'm actually home.

soon though.